Damage due to collision or rollover in its entirety, as long as there is no culpability.

24-hour roadside assistance

Damage caused by phenomena of Nature, provided that the customer is not negligent (e.g. driving or parking in inappropriate or prohibited areas)

Towing in the event of an accident or breakdown, except in situations such as: stuck off-road and other similar situations

Replacement vehicle in case of breakdown or accident, as long as no fault is verified.

CDW and SCDW Insurance does not cover the following points:

Interior washing (in case of liquid spillage)

Seat damage (torn/burned)

Car interior damage

Clutch damaged by negligence of the driver(s)

Lost or damaged ignition key

Fuel system cleaning due to fuel changes

Damage to tires, rims and mirrors

Damage to the underside of the car or underside of the engine

Loss of warning triangle, wheel braces, vest or hydraulic jack

Loss of vehicle documents

Traffic fines or parking fines

Theft or damage from theft

Note: Do not leave anything of value visible from the outside of the vehicle.

Upon delivery, check that the vehicle is in perfect condition.

(Clutch, engine noise, axles, lights on the instrument panel, immediately warning of any anomaly).

The rental price does not include washing and cleaning the vehicle,

Note: An additional cleaning fee of €15.00 will be charged if the vehicle is returned very dirty.

The lack of fuel on delivery of the vehicle will be charged 25 euros for each quart of tank missing.

The rental ends on the day and time set by the lessee, if you do not show up, a fee of 20% of the rental day will be charged per hour.

If the customer wants to extend the rental period, he will have to notify the lessee at least 24 hours before the end of the rental period.